Boiler Control System

A boiler control system is a system used to regulate and manage industrial boilers. It helps in controlling and monitoring the boilers to ensure optimal performance, safety, and energy efficiency. Litrols is a boiler control system distributor and supplier in Mumbai, India for various applications optimized with built-in safety, achieve superior efficiency and ease to install and use. We specialize in the installation, commissioning and after-service of new as well existing boiler control system. Our engineers work on the designing and programming in house, to meet your specific requirements.
The main components of a boiler control system include:
Sensors: These measure various parameters such as temperature, pressure, and fuel level.
Control panel: This is the central unit that collects the data from the sensors and makes decisions based on the set parameters and algorithms.
Actuators: These are devices that carry out the decisions made by the control panel, such as opening and closing valves and adjusting the fuel supply.
Safety devices: These are safety interlocks, limit switches, and pressure switches that are installed to ensure safe operation of the boiler.
Display units: These provide real-time information about the boiler status, including temperature, pressure, fuel level, and alarms.
The control system continuously monitors the various parameters and makes adjustments to ensure that the boiler is operating within safe and efficient parameters. It also provides alarms in case of any deviations from the set parameters, ensuring that appropriate actions can be taken in a timely manner. Our boiler control system helps in improving the efficiency and safety of industrial boilers, reducing downtime and maintenance costs, and increasing overall productivity.

Boiler Control System​