Mining/metal/meniral/ Cement

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The mining, metal, mineral, and cement industry is a global sector that involves the extraction, processing, and production of raw materials such as coal, iron ore, copper, gold, and cement. Litrols offer prominent service in the Mining, Minerals, Metals & Cement sectors for the production process through our innovative product portfolio, deep application and industry knowledge as well as top brand systems. As an accredited fuji electric distributor, rosemount transmitter distributor, allen bradley distributor, emerson distributor, siemens distributor, endress hauser distributor, yokogawa distributor, honeywell distributor, abb distributor and as other innovative brand traders and suppliers, we deal with power generation through complete plant automation. We combine innovation and optimization of processes with the use of technology, sensors, and control systems to boost productivity while being compliant, safe, and profitable. We have specialists who understand your industry needs and are able to configure new solutions or retrofit existing applications.

Mining/Metal/Mineral/ Cement