PH Control System

Litrols offer pH control system that works as a process control system used in industrial and laboratory applications to control and monitor the pH of a solution. pH is a measure of the acidity or basicity of a solution and is a critical parameter in many chemical processes. The pH control system works by continuously measuring the pH of the solution and comparing it to the desired target levels. If the pH deviates from the target, the control system can be used to adjust the process parameters, such as the addition of a pH buffer, to bring the pH back within the desired range. We are a trusted distributor and supplier of high quality pH control system and analyzers in Mumbai, India. Our products and quality service has been appreciated and accepted by most of the major industrial enterprises, top research institutes, laboratories, refineries, mines, industrial, fertilizer and pharmaceutical companies.The main components of a pH control system include:
pH sensor: This is the main component of the system, responsible for measuring the pH of the solution. pH sensors can be either contact or non-contact, depending on the specific requirements of the application. Sample line: This is the component that carries the solution to the pH sensor for measurement.
Control system: This component integrates all the components of the pH control system, allowing for the central control and management of the system. The control system can be programmed to set target pH levels and provide feedback on the results of the pH measurement.

PH Control System​