Installation & Commissioning

Simplify your Installation & Commissioning process to get your system running smoothly

Litrols provide a proven portfolio of installation & commissioning services to ensure your critical systems and equipment are designed and delivered to the highest standards. Our team of certified engineers provides comprehensive project management solutions, from survey to design to expert installation and commissioning to get your system installed and configured correctly and functioning in an accurate manner. This helps to minimize downtime, ensure system performance, and reduce the risk of system failures.


Our highly skilled installation service refers to the process of physically installing the components of the system, such as sensors, actuators, controllers, and other instruments, connecting the electrical and data connections, and testing the system into the industry environment focusing on delivering complete regulatory compliance, where you can rely on our robust solution built on outstanding expertise.


Our commissioning process includes administrating the entire system to meet the specifications and requirements set by the manufacturer as needed by the customer, operating correctly, and producing accurate and reliable data. Commissioning enables us to conduct stringent tests and checks on its operating functions. It also allows our customers to benefit the full protection from manufacturer warranty.