Hardness Control System

A hardness control system is a process control system used in industrial applications to control and monitor the hardness of a material. Hardness is a measure of a material’s resistance to permanent deformation and is a critical parameter in many industrial processes, including metalworking and heat treatment. The hardness control system works by continuously monitoring the hardness of the material and comparing it to the desired target levels. If the hardness deviates from the target, the control system can be used to adjust the process parameters, such as temperature or pressure, to bring the hardness back within the desired range. Litrols has emerged as the best supplier and distributor in process instrumentation and automation industry. Hardness control system and other system components offered by us has become the benchmark in various industrial applications.
The main components of a hardness control system include:
Hardness testing equipment: This is the main component of the system, responsible for measuring the hardness of the material. There are several types of hardness testing equipment, including Rockwell, Emerson, Brinell, and Vickers testers.
Sensors: Sensors are used to monitor the hardness of the material during the testing process and provide data to the control system.
Control system: This component integrates all the components of the hardness control system, allowing for the central control and management of the system. The control system can be programmed to set target hardness levels and provide feedback on the results of the hardness testing.

Hardness Control System​