In-cabinet Distributed I/O

Compact and Power Efficient In-Cabinet Distributed I/O Modules

In-Cabinet Block Distributed I/O refers to a type of input/output (I/O) module, designed to be used in distributed I/O systems, where the I/O modules are located in a cabinet separate from the main control system. When working in tight spaces or hazardous conditions, there is no room for bulky input and output systems. Without compromising performance, our In-Cabinet Distributed I/O modules provide the complete design flexibility you need for your application. We have a specialty inventory of analog, digital, and advanced modules capable of operating in a variety of extreme environmental conditions. They are also designed to be IP20 rated, meaning they are protected against solid objects larger than 12mm and are protected against water spray from any direction. Litrols is a distributor and supplier of the programmable controller in Mumbai, India, where our range of In Cabinet Distributed I/O Modules addresses a wide range of applications from machines and plants to large-scale process systems and is capable to expand the integration of intelligent devices under the architecture.

In-cabinet Distributed I/O


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