Chassis-based I/O

High Performance Communication through Chassis-Based I/O Modules

Chassis-based I/O refers to input/output modules that are designed to be installed in a chassis or rack and integrated with a programmable logic controller (PLC) or other control systems. They are
typically used in industrial automation applications such as factory automation, process control, and machine control. Litrols provide a chassis-based I/O range that consists of two lines, supporting a wide range of analog, digital, no-tool, mixed, and distinctively featured I/O modules, including thermocouples and Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD). Both have high uptime, low engineering effort and are easy to maintain. As a well-known distributor and supplier of the programmable controller in Mumbai, India, our chassis-based I/O modules can be integrated with the controller of any brand and are applicable for small as well as high-performance I/O operations. It is available in various sizes and modular designs reducing replacement issues and fits your exact requirements.

Chassis-based I/O​


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