Process Controllers (PLC)

Powerful and Intelligent SCADA Systems

Litrols is a leading supplier and distributor of programmable controllers in Navi Mumbai with a
stronghold in both industrial and consumer markets. We have a broad portfolio of process controllers that offer a high level of integration, extensive software / hardware support, and, a wide range of features. These systems can monitor the manufacturing environment and electronically control a process or design flow based on a large number of user-defined settings. These highly efficient process controllers provide cost-effectiveness and balancing capabilities for running application-specific peripherals. Process controllers can be purchased at reasonable rates from us, for their uses in all forms of automation applications, including complete installation and project engineering services.

Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1400 PLC


Allen Bradley ControlLogix 5580 Controllers PLC System

Allen Bradley CompactLogix 5380 PLC

Simens LOGO Process Controller