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Fuji Electric

Founded in 1953, Fuji Electric Co. is a globally recognized electrical control product manufacturer.  Fuji Electric has played a major role in expanding the drive for power and electrical sector with its top-notch innovative product line. In today’s modern industries, Fuji Electric products and services are widely adopted, becoming one of the key players in shaping the industrial landscape in India. Litrols is one of the prominent Fuji Electric distributors in India providing reliable products and services that withstand the demanding condition of automation, instrumentation, and control systems. 

As every industry has unique requirements, Litrols understand the needs and tailor them according to different sectors and applications that sets it apart from other distributors. Whether it’s optimizing power efficiency, improving process capability, or ensuring regulatory compliance, Litrols closely collaborates with various industries to deliver solutions that address their distinct challenges.

We are strategically located across the country in major cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, and Giridh where businesses can easily access Fuji Electric products and services through us. As one of the trusted Fuji Electric distributors, we meet the requirements of our valued customers with complete project engineering solutions including design, installation, commissioning, calibration, and maintenance. With seamless availability of stocks, we provide quick delivery of components and systems that are unparalleled in quality and reliability.

We are proud to be associated with an exceptional brand like Fuji Electric that helps us to offer quality products, drive progress and shape the future of industries in the nation.

Our Fuji Electric product range includes:

  • Semiconductors & Devices
  • Power Supplies
  • Sensors & Measurement
  • Factory Automation Systems
  • Distributions & Controls
  • Transmission & Distribution

Our comprehensive range of products not only promises exceptional performance but is also loaded with essential quality and safety features. Reach out to us for our expert instrumentation, automation, and control panel solutions, highly acclaimed across diverse industries.