Magnetic Flow Meter: Understanding Operation and Applications

Magnetic Flow Meter

A magnetic flow meter measures the velocity of liquid in a pipe or tube using electrodes submerged in the liquid. Magnetic flow meters are a subtype of mass or volumetric flow meters. Particularly, because they are not made with any moving parts, they can be accurately measured in high-pressure applications and are resistant to leaks and seepage. Most non-aqueous fluids, purified water, and hydrocarbons will not function with magnetic flow meters. Because they offer extremely accurate volumetric flow measurement, are free of obstructions, and are reasonably priced for use with strong chemicals and slurries, magnetic flow meters are frequently chosen and specified for applications. Many different process applications can be accommodated by a range of liner materials, electrode configurations, and line measurements. Magnetic flow meters are also referred to as electromagnetic meters or magmeters by engineers. Magmeters are the most often used of the three names, though they can be used interchangeably.

How does Magnetic Flow Meter work?

Magnetic flow meters operate on the principle of generating a magnetic field to measure the flow of a conductive liquid. As the liquid flows through a pipe, the induced voltage between electrodes is proportional to its velocity. This concept is based on Faraday’s Formula, linking signal voltage (E) to liquid velocity, magnetic field strength (B), and electrode distance (D).

Inside the meter, two field coils generate a magnetic field across the tube, inducing an electric current in the conductive fluid. Electrodes pick up the voltage, and a lining prevents electrical short circuits. When flow starts, the coils separate charged particles, creating a voltage proportional to the flow rate.

The meter calculates fluid flow based on electrode distance, magnetic field strength, and induced voltage. When this data is sent to the meter, it can tell us about the different liquids’ flow rates. The volumetric flow rate that is shown on the meter is calculated by the transmitter using electrode data that is converted into flow velocity.

Magnetic flow meters comprise a sensor and transmitter, connected to the pipe and placed atop the sensor, respectively. For precisely measuring the flow of conductive liquids such as water, polymers, surfactants, and chemicals, their simple working is a major benefit.

Magnetic Flow Meter Uses & Diverse Applications

Accurate instruments for measuring the flow rates of complicated liquids containing suspended particles and conductive fluids are magnetic flow meters. Beyond their basic use, they are excellent at measuring volumetric flow for a variety of fluids, are minimal maintenance, and have no moving parts. The fact that this meter depends on conductive fluids is one of its main limitations, as it can make it inapplicable to some materials. However, due to their outstanding accuracy, electromagnetic meters are the third most commonly used flow meters.

  1. Slurry Measurement: To measure slurry, which is a mixture of liquids with suspended solids such as coal, fly ash, and cement, specially made magnetic flow meters are used. These meters can withstand harsh conditions since they are resistant to damage and wear from the abrasive nature of slurry.
  2. Heated Fluids: Magnetic flow meters are unique among meters because they can withstand high temperatures and particle matter in applications involving hot fluids. When it comes to procedures involving the removal, recycling, cleaning, or storage of fluids, they guarantee precise volume measurement.
  3. Water Utility Metering: Magnetic flow meters provide durable, reliable and precise water utility metering in response to the demands of modern water use. Magnetic flow meters are applicable to a broad variety of water flow rates under diverse and unusual settings due to their ability to adjust to any given circumstance with inbuilt advanced technologies.

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