Siemens Builds A Complete Private 5g Solution Tailored For Industrial Usage

  • Infrastructure designed to support private industrial 5G networks, significantly for automation applications.
  • The 5G solution has already been tested and used at Siemens manufacturing units and pilot customers such as Salzgitter AG.
  • Siemens 5G technology plays an important role in autonomous logistics, mobile robots, driverless transport systems, and edge devices.


A leading technology and automation company, Siemens is setting forth by introducing an in-house private infrastructure for the 5G mobile communications standard. This innovative 5G solution allows industrial companies to build their own local 5G networks, specifically tailored to deliver remarkable support for automation applications. Axel Lorenz, CEO of Process Automation at Siemens stated “By building their own 5G networks, industrial companies are launching the next stage of connected production. He also expressed that Siemens’ 5G solution is important for factory applications such as mobile robots, autonomous logistics, and driverless transport systems. The private 5G infrastructure also gives complete control and privacy over the data in Siemens’ 5G network at all times, and companies can customize the network according to their applications.

Other additional uses of industrial 5G wireless technology encompass the seamless integration of connected tablets, smart tools, and VR glasses. Moreover, edge devices provide remarkable flexibility, for example, in challenging brownfield applications where traditional cable installation is difficult. Private 5G networks, compared to other wireless technologies, operate within licensed frequency bands, ensuring interference-free operations.



Siemens has built a private 5G infrastructure explicitly to meet the demands of industrial customers and applications. It comprises a dedicated 5G core and RAN (radio access network) which contains Central Unit (CU), Distributed Unit (DU), and Radio Units (RUs). 5G infrastructure can connect and communicate privately with various 5G end devices. Even in the harsh industrial setting, Siemens 5G solution works seamlessly.

In real production sites such as at Siemens’ Karlsruhe production unit, Siemens tested in-house private 5G infrastructure before its launch in the market. Siemens ensured that the 5G solution successfully withstands the rigorous demand of industrial production environments while supporting various industrial applications. The 5G infrastructure is made available in Germany and soon will be launched in other countries. Salzgitter AG, a prominent German steel group, is one of the initial adopters of this comprehensive 5G solution. According to Gerd Baresch, Chief Technology Officer at Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH, Siemens has been recognized as their reliable partner for the long term. The company is not simply building any 5G network but wants to pursue an industrial 5G system tailored to the stringent demands of the steel industry. Their need for reliable and secure wireless data transmission, covering everything from real-time camera operations to safety emergency stop signals for automatic transport systems, makes it necessary for cutting-edge communication technology. 



Campus Networks are private 5G networks that are designated within the company premises, area, or building. Siemens believes that private 5G networks hold numerous advantages for industrial use: Companies can establish these networks on-site, enabling them to tailor and customize the network to align with their unique requirements and applications. As private 5G network uses their own local 5G network, companies can have complete privacy over their data. To create a local 5G network and enable the presence of a 5G signal on the company’s premises, a private 5G infrastructure, provided by Siemens, is necessary.

SCALANCE MUM853-1 and MUM856-1 are industrial 5G routers that have already been offered since 2021 by Siemens for connecting robots, AGVs, and other industrial devices to a private 5G network. These routers are necessary for efficient wireless connectivity in rigorous industrial environments.

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